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Your Dependable Vehicle Repair and Recovery Specialists

When your truck or trailer breaks down in the middle of the road, you need the help of roadside assistance experts who provide high-quality services and have a fast response time. Trust none other than the team at Corsicana Roadside Service & Recovery.

We can handle almost any kind of truck or equipment problem, from tire blowouts to dead batteries. Whether you need an 18-wheeler repair, roadside assistance, or a vehicle/truck recovery service, we have you covered. We will inspect your equipment thoroughly, identify the cause of the problem, and address it accordingly.

Specializing in Semitruck Repair

We have more than 25 years of experience in mechanics and the trucking industry. Throughout that time, we were able to develop and enhance our skills in semitruck repair, allowing us to serve our clients better.

Going Above and Beyond

Our staff members go the extra mile for our clients, and we always follow through on our promise to deliver the highest level of service. Procrastination has no place in our company. You can trust us to work hard to address your needs as quickly as possible without compromising quality.  


As a team of go-getters, we strive to seize our dreams and leave a legacy of excellence in the industry. We make things happen!

Our Clients

We are privileged to have lent our expertise to a wide range of clients, including:


  • Auto Operators
  • Commercial Companies
  • Equipment Operators
  • Truck Drivers
  • Trucking Companies

What Our Clients Say

“They Saved the day When we needed their help, everybody else was too concerned about how much money they was going to make off from us. Long story short they were paid well from us.”

–james len

“AAA called this company to change the tire on our boat trailer. They were fast, knowledgeable very reasonable for the quality of tire they changed out. This situation could have been a nightmare and it totally wasn’t!”

–Eric Baley

“James provided the best customer service our family has ever experienced, and we are so thankful we found him when we had car trouble in Corsicana. We were traveling home to South Dakota when a hub went bad on our Suburban. James went way above and beyond to help us in a very stressful, late night situation. He showed up within five minutes of our phone call and quickly determined what the problem was. He then helped us make it to a hotel in the safe part of town, and made plans to obtain parts in the morning and fix it first thing. To our surprise, we awoke at 6:00 the next morning to find that he had already traveled to Dallas during the night to get the necessary part and he already fixed our Suburban out in the hotel parking lot. We came to find out that Corsicana can be a dangerous place, and we were so thankful to James for looking out for us and making sure we arrived at a safe hotel. He clearly cared about our safety and the safety of our vehicle and belongings. He did a great job completing the repair, and he was very reasonably priced. James even checked in with me later in the afternoon to make sure everything was still going ok. Having car trouble in an unfamiliar area while traveling can be a nightmare, but we were blessed to find James and receive his help.”

–David Close

“This man is amazing. While driving from Dallas to Houston, my tire decided to shred itself to pieces. Without a spare tire, I made it to the gas station at SH31 and I45. The Corsicana Roadside Service Recovery showed up in 10 minutes with a new tire and mounted it on the rim for me right in the parking lot. In only 10 more minutes I was safely on my way. This man was so nice, knowledgeable, professional, and even took time to teach me some things to look out for in the future. Of course I’d rather this not have happened, but Corsicana Roadside Service Recovery was right there to save the day. Awesome service!”

–Courtney Nicholas

Always Ready to Help, 24/7

Call us for all of your truck repair and recovery needs. Our staff members are on standby 24 hours a day so we can respond to you and address your concerns immediately.